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General Agent, Gabe Kennedy

 Growth of the Order

Membership growth is the fuel that keeps this great fraternal engine running. All of our charitable works at the council, state, national and international level are thanks to our hard-working members. And more members equals more charity.
We know that the membership blitz is a tried and true way for councils to get more men to join. We see these pushes often in March, in celebration of Founder’s Day, and again in October. These drives are successful because brother Knights have increased visibility speaking or presenting during and after Masses and at special events. We must remember that we have a duty to ask each and every Catholic gentleman to join our ranks for the good of the Church, the community and the Order. 
During the rest of the year, we often “forget” to ask men to join and to bring their families into the Knights of Columbus family. You probably know an eligible Catholic man you could ask today. What if the only reason he hasn’t joined is because no one has asked him yet? 
When telling a prospect about the strengths of the Order, don’t forget our greatest fraternal benefit: our insurance program. This is often a “selling point” to a potential member who is on the fence. Many members become Knights simply to be able to buy coverage to protect their family. Soon after, they realize the good our charitable works do for their community, and they are proud to be members. 

Some of our Agents with our staff during our January Agency Meeting. 

About our General Agent

Left to right: Ed, Cody, Jon, Sara, Gabe, Rob, Pete, Vivi, Doug, Chris, Sonny and Young at our Agency Meeting - June 2017.

Agency Awards

Agency Bulletin

- Top 10 in Long Term Care Sales 2013                                                  - Top 10 in Disability Sales 2013

- Top 10 in Long Term Care Sales 2014                                                  - Top 10 in Disability Sales 2014
- Top 10 in Long Term Care Sales 2015                                                  - Top 10 in Disability Sales 2015
- Top 10 in Long Term Care Sales 2016                                                  - 100% of Company Sales Requirements in 2016
- 100% of Company Sales Requirements in 2014                                    - 100% of Company Sales Requirements in 2015

Our team strives to give back to the community. Some of the things we do is donate money to various charities, send care packages to our soldiers overseas, and volunteer our time around the local food banks and churches. 

Left to right: Sonny, Ed, Gabe, Monica, Rob, Sara, Jim, Vivi, Sean, Rick, Pete, Young, Doug, and Jon at our Kennedy Agency Summer Meeting, 2016.

Left to right: Sonny, Ed, Gabe, Rob, Jim, Sean, Pete,  Doug,  Jon, Rick, and Young - our amazing agents who care so much about your financial well-being. Summer Agency Meeting 2016.

I joined the Knights of Columbus in 2007 looking to make an impact on my local community and became active with my council in many functions. This soon lead me to become a Field Agent with the Order in 2009 serving the SW Portland metro. I found my work to be very rewarding serving my community and faith. This allowed me to help people become financially secure and help with the vision that Fr Michael McGivney had to help Catholic families secure their Catholic way of life. In 2012 I was promoted to General Agent for the state of Oregon and SW Washington state to serve more than 10,200 Knights of Columbus members. I look forward to continuing my service to my fellow Brother Knights to help secure their families and businesses with a Catholic principled organization that puts their goals and lifestyle in the forefront. 


Left to right: Field agents Young Tran, Sonny Van, Jon Johnson,  Archbishop Alexander Sample, general agent Gabe Kennedy, field agents Rob Duncan, and Doug Hagedon.